Album Review: Billie Eilish

Album Review: Billie Eilish

On March 29, Billie Eilish released her latest album WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO? With 9 new songs, 4 previously released singles, and one odd intro, Eilish has once again given us the opportunity to unleash our inner goth-punk kid. So grab your headphones and your 2012 Tumblr aesthetic because “spooky teen pop” is back.

  1. “!!!!!!!” – I don’t have much to comment on this track, as it’s really just Billie Eilish talking about taking out her Invisalign. While this fourteen-second number really doesn’t make much sense, it does for Eilish.
  2. “bad guy” – This song is the bad b*tch anthem of the album. While it still has all the angst of typical a Billie Eilish song, she takes control here by being the bad guy. In case you were wondering how bad Billie can be, she’s not afraid to “make your girlfriend mad” and she “might seduce your dad.” For 17, Billie isn’t afraid to burn a few bridges.billie
  3. “xanny” – A classic sad girl hours song, “Xanny” is for the girls who are sad and lonely, even when they’re not alone. Eilish sings about the difficulty of being sober when everyone else is having fun drunk and drugged. If you’ve just come from the worst party of your life, this song is a must-play.
  4. “you should see me in a crown” – Released previously as a single, this song has gotten Eilish a lot of buzz on social media. This song is particularly 2012 Tumblr, as it’s almost as beautiful as it is angsty. It also has a more of a techno sound than some of her other songs, if that’s what you’re into.
  5. “all good girls go to hell” – This song gave me a bit of a Lily Allen vibe, as it’s a good mix of pop and punk. I’m not totally sure of what the thesis of this song is, but I concluded that even the best of humanity can be evil.
  6. “wish you were gay” – He’s just not that into you is the one thing Eilish can’t admit to herself. If he happens to be gay though, she’d finally get the perfect it’s not you, it’s me. So instead of taking all the blame on yourself of why he doesn’t like you back, just listen to this song and tell yourself he must just not like girls.
  7. “when the party’s over” – If you play the song on Spotify, a gif of Eilish crying blood will play along with it. Another single released much earlier on, this song showcases some of the apparent pain that Eilish has gone through. Saying goodbye is the hardest part, but thankfully we don’t have to say goodbye to Eilish anytime soon- as this song as been quite successful so far.
  8. “8” – This song has a very sweet, childlike sound to it. While it still has a certain sadness to its lyrics, this song is less likely to make you cry than its predecessor.
  9. “my strange addiction” – Basically Billie Eilish’s take on Your Love is My Drug. With brief interludes of The Office quotes, Eilish always keeps things interesting when discussing love.
  10. “bury a friend” – If Pretty Little Liars was still airing, this could have been the theme song.
  11. “ilomilo” – A little lighter and trippier than the others, I have a feeling drugs were involved in the making of this song.
  12. “listen before i go” – Accompanied only by the piano and bit of storm noise, Eilish sings what is almost a bittersweet lullaby as one of her final tracks on the album. This song is incredibly calming and puts into music that saudade feeling you’ve been having.
  13. “i love you” – Falling in love isn’t always a good thing, Eilish tells us. Another sweet-sounding song, Eilish is really trying to leave us in our feels. If you’re looking for the right backdrop to listen to this song, I recommend looking out the window on a calm but rainy day.
  14. “goodbye” – With bits of lyrics from the other tracks, Billie Eilish reminds us we don’t want to say goodbye to what was a fantastic debut album. Thankfully, we can always hit replay.

-Emma Kelley

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