Album Review: Betty
Betty Who performs at Webster Hall in New York City on April 14, 2017

Album Review: Betty

Betty Who is an Australian singer-songwriter pop queen. On Friday, February 15, Betty Who released her third studio album. The album was simply called Betty because it was the first album she released after leaving her record label, RCA Records. This album gave her the artistic and creative freedom to make her own music.DzdXVLWVYAAlJ0l

The first track on the album is called “Old Me”. With soft synths and crisp vocals, this song is about finding yourself again after someone or something greatly impacted you. It is appropriately the first rack on the album giving it a fresh start that in parallel in her real life with her split from her previous record label. If anyone is looking to be empowered by their new sense of self, this is the bop for you.

Betty Who is also not afraid to be very clever with her music. In her song “Language”, she talks the meaning of words and body language to talk about her feelings for someone.The third single released before the album called “I Remember” has a music video that involves Betty in a relationship with an adorable alien. She says this is to represent how sometimes you can wake up one day and feel like you’re in a relationship with someone who is an alien to you.

When announcing the release of her album, Betty said via Instagram, “Every song on this album is a little piece of me, wrapped up and buffed to within an inch of itself to be as sparkly as you all deserve…I love you all”. This was addressed to her fans and she goes on to thank them for their support.

Betty Who will be going on tour with this album starting in May. To listen to the album click HERE.  

-Natalie Sulzinger



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