A Leader to Follow: Marcella Araica

A Leader to Follow: Marcella Araica

Marcella Araica is personified empowerment. As a mix engineer for artists like Timbaland and Danja, she knows how to capture a client’s vision and apply it in a mix. Araica has been making waves in the industry both due to her sheer talent, and her commitment to supporting and empowering women like her. In interviews, she has spoken about the lack of women in the audio industry – particularly in engineering. Sometimes, women engineers are not well-received by their male counterparts and others in the studio. So, she created the Red Bottoms Foundation in 2010. It is dedicated to creating a space for women in the industry to feel supported, find guidance, and educate themselves about audio in an environment free of bias.


In an interview with Waves Audio, Araica described her approach to mixing. While many mix engineers get caught up in the technical things they hear, Araica prefers to find the issues and fix them artistically – and she is willing to push boundaries, both in terms of aesthetic and gear overloading – to get a mix sounding the way she wants it to. She is fearless, disciplined, and confident in what she brings to a studio. Her best advice for getting noticed as a woman is to just be the best and ignore any comments made to bring you down. If you have the skills, you’ll get the respect.

Elon’s inaugural Leading Women in Audioconference is lucky to have her presenting on her mixes this March 15-16. Marcella Araica is certainly a leader to follow.

-Jess Burchett


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