Up and Coming: The Marías

Up and Coming: The Marías

The Marías is a Los Angeles-based psychedelic soul band that has been making marks in the music scene since the band’s inception in 2016. Centered on María, the lead singer, the band produces tight, vintage songs in both English and Spanish.

mariaaaasMaría met Josh Conway, the band’s drummer and producer, when he filled in as a sound engineer at one of her solo performances. The two began writing songs together and dating, and decided to assemble a band around this music they had made. This year, The Marías embarked on their first national tour, selling out venues from coast to coast. Their newly released EP, Superclean Vol. II, is – as its name suggests – the second of two EPs intended to form a full album. Their sound captures all the character of vintage soul artists with the cleanliness and clarity of modern pop artists like Anna of the North. María’s delicate, almost-whispered tone adds to the sultry feel of each of their songs, which range in content from mental illness to relationships.

Their visual aesthetic matches their sound perfectly: luxurious clothing right out of the ‘60s and ‘70s with bold lipstick and classic eyeliner. Their cover art often features blacks and whites with a pop of red, which adds to that classic essence. This mix of past and present which is so popular right now may be part of the reason why their audiences just keep growing. Not only is their brand cohesive and appealing, but also trendy. With the beautifully mixed music to match, it’s no wonder The Marías are building steam so quickly.

Keep an eye out for their coming projects post-tour!

Jess Burchett


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