Album Review: Rainbow Valley

Album Review: Rainbow Valley

Every time Australian artist Matt Corby releases new music, I feel like my life gets that much better.  For anyone who isn’t familiar, Matt Corby is an Australian singer/songwriter. He first was noticed on Australian Idol, but quickly separated himself from the traditional path in the music industry. Since then he has released numerous EPs and two albums, the newest being Rainbow Valley. I have been a big fan of Matt Corby for a while. I’ve seen him live twice in Washington D.C. and both times were absolutely amazing. I’m really excited for this album review as he has continued his pattern of producing quality, personal, and unique content.

  1. “Light My Dart Up” – A very relaxed introduction to the album. Corby said the inspiration for much of this album was fatherhood and marriage. Already, you can tell that when he is saying ‘you’ in his songs, it’s not to the random woman or man he saw on the street. There is so much soul and love in his voice and this initial introduction into Rainbow Valley sets listeners up for what Corby is going to say throughout this album.
  2. “No Ordinary Life” – This song touches on the mundane attractions of life and those who get stuck in the pattern of life. His theme throughout this song seems to me to emphasize the uniqueness and beauty that comes from life when you separate yourself from what you think you’re supposed to be doing. Always on par with Corby’s sentiments. This mimics the song “Empire’s Attraction” from his first album Telluric.
  3. “All That I See” – So far, this is his most popular song on the album. He released it as a single prior to the album and it has picked up traction. I love this song for the higher tempo jazz that Corby likes to incorporate into all of his music. It brings jazz to a forefront in a way that I personally think is similar to Amy Winehouse.
  4. “Get With the Times” – Corby likes to relate his songs to his life. If you listen to this song and some from his previous album it is obvious that Corby has had some arrangement of personal issues but knows how to reconnect with himself. This song touches on that personal reconnection and growth that I think all people need.
  5. “All Fired Up” – Absolutely beautiful. This is my favorite song off the album. The chord structure is simplistic but Corby’s voice is really unmatched. If you’re going to listen to one song off of the album, have it be this.
  6. “How It Ends” – This could be labeled as the intermission of the album. It reincorporates themes from previous songs at the beginning which i think is a nice touch.  This signifies an end the period of change and growth that Corby was going through as the next song is titled “New Day Coming”.
  7. “New Day Coming” – A continuation of Corby’s personal growth. I like how he uses the word ‘we’ in his songs. It seems to be a more direct way of connecting with his listeners.Screen Shot 2018-11-15 at 12.37.00 AM
  8. “Better” – ‘I know we can make it better’ and ‘over coming apathy’ seem to be the highlights from this song. His honesty about the difficulty of retouching with emotions that you may have suppressed. I feel like his lyrics could be compiled into a novel honestly.
  9. “Miracle Love” – This may be my second favorite song. I love the piano in it. I believe this song is more about his marriage and rekindling the love that may have been lost. But this is my interpretation. Either way, reconnecting with love is something that is needed at this point in the world anyways.
  10. “Elements” – This may be the more eclectic song in the mix, but certainly a favorite.
  11. “Rainbow Valley” – The finale of the album. Corby lives quite literally in a jungle that is supposedly rather secluded. I think that literal translation of separation via a “valley” and the other end of a difficult time being called a “Rainbow Valley” could both be applied to this song. Either way, it’s one hell of a way to end an album.

-Victoria Traxler


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