Meet the Artist: Lazy Dumpling

Meet the Artist: Lazy Dumpling

Eric Urban, stage name Lazy Dumpling, is entering the first steps of his solo performing career. His personal lyrics and simple, yet captivating melodies have already made an impact on the Indie music scene at Elon University.

Lazy Dumpling started his music career by playing rock band as a child. Later, he began his own band during high school and began to explore music more seriously outside of chorus and video games. He finally began writing his own music last year.

“That’s something I started a year ago over the winter break,” he said. “I was sitting at home with songs I’d written but never thought I’d record.”

Urban plays guitar and piano, but his focal point is singing and writing songs. He finds inspiration from indie rock artists such as Mitsky, Frankie Cosmos, and Told Slant.

“They write very personal music,” Urban said. “They’re not necessarily great instrumentalists but I love how personal and intimate the music sounds.”Lazy Dumpling_header

The stage name Lazy Dumpling came to Urban in a somewhat unusual manner. While most artists would try to pull from interests or obscure words, Urban found inspiration elsewhere.

“Lakeside, during Polish international week, was serving lazy dumplings.” Urban said. “I just really liked the name, dumpling is very cute and lazy just sounded right to me.”

Soon, Lazy Dumpling, with the help of Limelight will be producing and writing more than ever. He enjoys the control and creative freedom of writing and performing. Urban hopes to utilize the resources Limelight offers such as studio time and performance opportunities and enjoys the teamwork setting that helps keep him on track and writing.

“My main goal for now is just to record music that sounds more professional than my past stuff but is still something i enjoy listening to,” he said. “I still want it to feel emotional and messy if it has to be.”

This year, we can expect to see Lazy Dumpling’s name grow around campus. His love for music and passion for his songs is evident in his demeanor. The refreshingly personal and ambient style adds something to Limelight and to Elon.

“Whether or not I do it in a professional sense, it’s something I’ll probably always do for fun. I’ll always write songs for fun,” he said. “I’m excited to release music and try to do something that’s not safe, I want to try to take risks.”

-Victoria Traxler

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