Meet the Artist: Lauren Cash

Meet the Artist: Lauren Cash

From R&B grooves to acoustic singer/songwriter vibes, Lauren Cash can do it all.

Hailing from Richmond, VA, Lauren enjoyed a unique blend of city buzz and calming nature. Her music mimics Richmond in its diversity. At just five years old, Lauren learned to play the violin and continued for six years until a severe elbow injury prevented her from doing so. At fifteen, she taught herself how to play the guitar, and her parents discovered her beautiful singing voice around the same time. At this point, she was writing her own music and taking voice lessons off and on to perfect her technique.

What makes Lauren stand out is her versatility of genre. Her older EPs and singles (found here) explore EDM, R&B, and bouncy acoustic pop sounds. Currently, Lauren has been venturing deeper into acoustic pieces. “I’m writing songs that are really true to myself, and I think that correlates with very stripped back music,” she explains.IMG_9666

When writing a song, Lauren says that she starts with a chord progression, then a melody, and eventually words follow. However, she doesn’t start with an idea for a concept – the message just emerges. Such a process perhaps contributes to her flexibility of aesthetic, as the goal is to be honest, not necessarily perfectly cohesive with past work.

This semester, Lauren is most looking forward to getting into the studio to record the plethora of new music she has been writing recently.

Keep an ear out for her new tracks!

-Jess Burchett

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