Meet the Artist: Ari Yaron

Meet the Artist: Ari Yaron

Interested in meaningful contemporary pop? You’ll love Limelight’s new artist Ari Yaron.

Ever since Ari was little he has been surrounded in music. The family piano, located in the middle of the living room, was constantly being played throughout Ari’s childhood. His older brother is currently studying music in college and his younger brother is what he describes as a musical genius. Beyond anything else, Ari’s brothers are his biggest inspirations in creating music. He says it’s very cheesy but it’s true, he was born into music.

While Ari is still undecided in terms of his major here at Elon, he knows he is passionate about music. Some of his influences and favorite artists include John Mayer, Macayers, and Bruno Major. Ari says he likes to listen to albums that tell a story and make the listener feel alongside the artist. He describes the beauty of music is that it can take you places. When listening to music, you may not be able to relate exactly to the situation being discussed but feelings are universal and are communicated through music.Hanging on Tonight artwork

For Ari music has always been away from him to communicate his feelings through other people’s songs or his own. The song he is most proud of writing is called “Love my Heart”. He wrote it during a relationship, and this song was the way he told his girlfriend he loved her for the first time. In addition to the deep personal meaning this song holds, it was the first song he had written entirely by himself.

Ari’s goal as an artist is to explore pop in a non-mainstream way with acoustic instruments and original musical and production aspects. He wants to “share deeper emotional connections with people.”

“I feel a lot of things and I feel them through music.”

Check out Ari on SPOTIFY to hear some of his songs!

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