Meet the Artist: Roman Fuller

Meet the Artist: Roman Fuller

Grooving basslines, dance-worthy beats, a club vibe – these are the trademarks of EDM artist Roman Fuller.

Roman began his journey in music at 16 years old after witnessing someone at his summer camp playing the piano. “I thought it was awesome,” he says, and it inspired him to take up the piano himself, as well as the guitar shortly thereafter. During his freshman year in college, he started writing and producing his own music, which he categorizes as house music. He enjoys the “feeling of getting something done and showing a ton of people and getting a response.”FullSizeRender-2

That social aspect of Roman’s music comes through in his roots. Because he has lived in Florida for much of his life, the Miami club scene influences his musical endeavors. His music represents the musical culture in which he grew up, and would therefore be most fitting in a club or festival setting at which people are dancing and moving around in response to the music. Roman looks up to artists like MK, Chris Lake, and Fisher: “They know what they’re doing and have been doing it a long time. They push the boundaries.”

Though you may already recognize him from the Limelight EDM Collective, you can currently find Roman playing a variety of on-campus gigs at Greek life parties and tailgates. But, he hopes to branch out. With Limelight’s help, he hopes to put together a full EDM concert, possibly in collaboration with our other EDM artist, Graveheart. In addition, Roman looks forward to utilizing Limelight as a resource to hone his brand, play more shows, and stay self-motivated.

Keep an ear out for lots of new music to dance to from Roman!

-Jess Burchett

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