Meet the Artist: Graveheart

Meet the Artist: Graveheart

If you’ve seen a green bunny stuffed animal around campus, you’ve probably been in the presence of Graveheart, an EDM artist and DJ. Graveheart, who is junior music production & recording arts major Ciara Graves, has been creating EDM since she was just sixteen years old. She admired a number of popular DJs for their ability to make people happy with music, and wanted to do the same herself. Examples of artists she looks up to include Flume, Porter Robinson (who was recent sampled in a Mariah Carey song), and Alison Wonderland. She prefers EDM as a genre for its uniqueness; there is ambiguity to listeners in how it’s made and released that does not exist to such an extent in other genres. Moreover, its range of subgenres is varied and dynamic, from party music like house music to more emotional varieties like indie electronic music. So, she says, you can “choose a mood but stay within a genre.”Graveheart_LilyHain

Graveheart spoke of the challenges of being an artist in an intense period growth: “I don’t think I actually made anything I’m proud of until last year.” Of course, at the time of her previous pieces’ production, she was indeed proud of her work. But, after two years of college education at Elon in music production, she has a heightened standard that only her more recent pieces live up to. It’s easy to compare oneself to others, but Graveheart has good advice for blossoming artists: “I’m sure everyone experiences that, like, ‘wow, why is my music not on the same level?’ It’s discouraging, but you just gotta keep going.”

Towards the end of last year, Graveheart was making significant strides in establishing her aesthetic and presence. She designed her iconic bunny herself, and then – with the help of graphic designer Edward Kelly – her sister, Josette, ordered a real, physical version of the bunny as a gift for Ciara this past Christmas. Since then, it has become a part of her brand.

With a fresh brand, new music, and a drive to create, Graveheart looks forward to working with a team as a Limelight artist to help her continue her momentum into reaching her full potential.

-Jess Burchett

Images taken by:

Lily Hain (embedded in article)

Madeline Henderson (cover image)

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