Summer Playlist

Summer Playlist

After three months of everyone traveling, working, or relaxing, I want to take a look back at the tracks we were listening to while doing all of our summer activities. This ‘Summer Playlist’ hopefully will reflect not just the songs that constantly played on the radio, but the ones we shared with our friends through word of mouth and SoundCloud links.

1. “In My Feelings” by Drake

Obviously. This song was a summer jam; mixed with fame from #KikiChallenge trending on social media and the catchy rhythm that Drake loves to debut during the summer season, there is no way it won’t remind us of summer 2018 everytime we hear it again.

2. “Jackie Chan” by Tiesto, Dzeko, Preme, Post Malone

One of the catchiest remixes I’ve heard from Tiesto. Of course, Post Malone has had a prominent presence in our summer music separate from his most recent album (which is still being bumped everywhere) to make our lives just that much better.

3. “God is a woman” by Ariana Grande songsofsummer_embed

Ariana Grande’s most recent album Sweetener has immediately taken a solid hold of the songs charts. Other songs off her album could have also had a place here such as “Breathin” or “Sweetener.” But, I figured this song is the most representative of the album as a whole.

4. “Solo (ft. Demi Lovato)” by Clean Bandit

Another common summer bop. The classic combination of a good DJ and good vocals with a dance-worthy melody.

5. “Sunset Lover” by Petit Biscuit

This low-key house song gave us nice background music to listen to as the sun set at the end of a long summer day, or in those nice car rides with our friends. It’s probably one of my favorites of this season.

6. “Body” by Loud Luxury, Brando

I don’t think I know anyone who knows the actual lyrics to this song. But, when it comes on, you can’t help but enjoy its upbeat rhythm and simplicity.

7. “I Like It” by Cardi B

I simply had to feature Cardi on here. Her most recent album Invasion of Privacy was also a chart topper. After “Bodak Yellow” filtered out of the song cycle (for the most part), it gave way to “I Like It” to claim more streams and radio frequency.

8. “Dura” by Daddy Yankee

It may not have taken over the US radio, but if you traveled anywhere in Europe this summer I’m certain you’ve heard this song.

9. “Moonlight” by XXXTENTACION

We have to tribute XXXTENTACION on this list. His songs post-mortem have still appeared on our summer lists. A tragic death but a talented musician.

10. “Loving is Easy” by Rex Orange County

Now this song may be less well known, but among the indie crowd it definitely was a song to stamp the summer. It’s by no means new, as it was released in 2017, but it certainly cycled back around to make a comeback for summer 2018.


*To be noted* The author of this article was abroad for 2 out of 3 months of the summer, so some accuracy may be skewed. However, I feel this is a strong list to represent the songs and artists that made our summer soundtrack for 2018. Who can say what artists will emerge for the fall?

-Victoria Traxler


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