Songs of the Season: Mother’s Day

Songs of the Season: Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day has just passed! It’s a day where you and your family get to celebrate how incredible your mothers are, and what better way than through song! While mothers are referenced in many songs, such as “Does Your Mother Know” by ABBA or “God’s Plan” by Drake, there are a handful of songs written in tribute to the mothers we hold so close to our hearts.


Songs for mothers range all the way from the Spice Girls to Taylor Swift and always make you smile. The Spice Girls released the song “Mama” in 1997. It was the fourth single of their album and, despite having mixed reviews from critics, it was very commercially successful. This pop ballad is dedicated to their mothers, detailing the love they have for them. Through the tight harmonies, the lyrics talk about how your mom goes from disciplining you to being your best friend and closest confidant.

Taylor Swift’s “Best Day” is a song about how her mother has been there for her through thicktumblr_m3z98ffRQT1r2r9z6o5_250 and thin, chronicling her life from when she was little to when she wrote the song around the age of 18. This song not only gives a glimpse into the star’s personal life, but also into her relationship with her mom. During the song, it is made clear that the starry-eyed impression of her mom has lasted throughout childhood and into her adult years.

One of Limelight’s artists, Nikki Inocencio, has also written a song for Screen Shot 2018-05-16 at 12.03.51 PMher mom called “You”. Nikki joined Limelight at the beginning of this school year and shortly after showed us all the sweeter side of her relationship with her mom as well as her incredible songwriting capability. The lyric “when we feel too far apart, know that in my heart, all I need is you” perfectly describes the love and bond that a mother and daughter share.

So, whatever song you chose to sing with your mom this Mother’s Day, we hope you remembered to show her you care and tell her you love her!

Happy Mother’s Day everyone!

Natalie Sulzinger

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