Dial Up: Our EDM Collective

Dial Up: Our EDM Collective

Hello music fans! In case you haven’t already heard, Limelight has its very own EDM collective: Dial Up. According to their Instagram, Dial Up is dedicated to “[c]ombining all genres together to create a variety of sounds for all to enjoy while promoting talent within our campus.” They are the latest group of artists you don’t want to miss.

Ciara “Graveheart” Graves, Ryan “Trinity” McCormack, Josh Lim, Roman Fuller, Justin Schofield, Madeline Henderson, Teddy Williams, Irisgzel Cheong, and Erika Swinney make up Dial Up. The group collaborates by providing compliments and critiques, helping each other to grow as artists. With Madeline as a photographer, Irisgzel as a promotion coordinator and planner, and Justin and Josh as managers, it’s no wonder that Dial Up is headed for success. Erika is Dial Up’s manager, and has been incredible at leading Elon’s group of talented EDM artists. Our EDM artists have something very special coming your way!30726931_1773830195993564_3732163697884266496_o

Dial Up will be releasing an EP titled “Can You Hear Me Now?” featuring songs from Graveheart, Trinity, Teddy Williams, and Roman Fuller. The anticipated release is this Friday, April 20th, so make sure to listen! If you’re interested in getting insight on what is soon to come, you can find music from both Graveheart and Trinity on Spotify! And don’t forget to follow their instagram @dial_up_official for pictures, previews, and updates on Elon University’s very own Electronic Dance Music Collective.
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