Meet the Artist: Brewing Company

Meet the Artist: Brewing Company

This week, I met with one of Limelight’s newest artists, Brewing Company. Brewing Company is a band made up of four seniors. The members are lead singer and guitarist Lindsey Clemmer, one of Limelight’s own execs and guitarist Chase Obrecht, bass player Matt Snow, and drummer Eric Reeder. These four talented musicians make up a band they describe as indie rock/dream pop. The name Brewing Company was thought of while out to eat at a restaurant with lots of signs for all sorts of brewing companies on the walls. Lindsey spit out the idea somewhat jokingly and it just stuck. They also like to think that they’re “brewing up” their music in a way.Brewing Company picture 2

Their debut single, which they’ve been working on since the fall semester, is out now and on streaming services like Spotify and Apple music. This single is called “Heart of Stone”, written by Lindsey, and it’s about a relationship falling apart. She says that a lot of the lyrics in the song come from familiar phrases her mom used to say to her. However, “Heart of Stone” is just the beginning of an upcoming EP. They’ve already written one more song, which is being finished up, and are planning on writing two more to complete their first EP. Keep an eye out for it to come out by the end of this semester!

The members say they love working together and have a fun and lighthearted group dynamic. They especially love performing and being on stage together. In fact, Brewing Company does a lot of live performances at places like Fat Froggs, Oak House, and Irazu. They have two coming up in the next month, those being Senior Night, April 19th at Fat Froggs, and the Limelight Showcase on April 27th.

Unfortunately, since all the members are seniors, this semester is their last chance to make music and perform together so be sure to come out and see them at one of their upcoming shows! In addition, check out Brewing Company on Facebook, Instagram, Spotify, and Apple Music to check out their single and stay informed on future events.

-Frankie Pucci

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