Hello, 4am EP release “Keeping Warm”

Hello, 4am EP release “Keeping Warm”

Limelight’s own, Hello, 4am is releasing their first and much anticipated EP this Friday (3/30)! This alternative pop duo of the talented Jess Burchett and Branden Oak will be performing their four song EP, Keeping Warm, at The Oak House at 9 P.M. on Thursday and it will officially be released on all streaming platforms Friday at midnight.

Branden came up with the name Hello, 4am because he’s the most comfortable at night, when he can’t sleep. The name Keeping Warm stems from the overall theme of new beginnings and learning about yourself. Jess got the idea from the childhood game that went along the lines of “you’re getting warmer.” They’re both extremely excited to finally release their music after working on it since November.

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Jess and Branden’s relationship started off all business but they quickly became close friends after spending so much time together. It all began after working on a song for a class project. Once they realized that they sounded and worked really well together they started making more music. Jess writes the lyrics and sings while Branden creates the music and instrumentation. Their skills complement each other very well and they each add their unique style to the music.

Jess’ favorite song on the EP is “Rain” because it was the most fun to record, while Branden’s favorite is “Keeping Warm” because of the sound. Everyone should make sure to come out to their release Thursday night and listen to it once it drops Friday! Also, keep an eye out for additional singles being released in the next few months.

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