Spring Break Playlist

Spring Break Playlist

Spring break is one of the few things that college students can rely on to get them through the rest of the year. Without it, who knows if we could make it to summer break. Below you’ll find some songs that will help you get into the spring break 2018 mindset.

“Work Out” – J.Cole 

This throwback from J.Cole is catchy and perfect for any spring break destination. Even if you’re just laying by the pool in your hometown, J.Cole will get you celebrating. This song literally forces you to bop you head, it’s just impossible to keep completely still while listening to it.

“Pursuit of Happiness” – Kid Cudi 

Considering this song is known to be from the movie Project X, it’s a bit more of a party and a bit less relaxing with book. But if you are nowhere near a party or have no desire to do so, you can let this song fake it for you.


“California Girls” – Katy Perry

Katy Perry just describes how the majority of college girls want to be during their vacations (sun-kissed skin, under the palm trees, unforgettable, you get the idea). You don’t have to be from California to be the ultimate spring break babe that Katy sings about.

“Bartier Cardi” – Cardi B 

From what I’ve witnessed, the majority of college kids know the lyrics to this song. It’s really just catchy and makes you feel like dancing poorly, but what else do we really need for spring break?

“Starships” – Nicki Minaj 

This song will forever be my spring break anthem. Mostly just because of the opening lyric “let’s go to the beach, each, let’s go get away,” but the song has many great aspects besides those few lines. A major throwback, I know, but I promise this song deserves to be on your spring break playlist as it will bring everyone to their feet.

“Vacation” – Sam Hunt 

I hadn’t heard this song until a friend told me to put it on our full spring break playlist. It has a slower vibe to it but will definitely describe how you feel this vacation. A hidden gem, I recommend adding it to the queue.

Whether you’re in Cabo or in bed at home, I wish you have a fantastic spring break on behalf of Limelight!

-Emma Kelley


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