Up and Coming Artists: 2018

Up and Coming Artists: 2018

2017 was an amazing year for music and new artists. Because of technology, it’s now easier than ever to discover new artists and music. Every day, new, talented artists are being discovered on SoundCloud, BandCamp, Youtube, Spotify, etc. This results in millions of possible up and coming artists from every different genre. Since I can’t possibly account for all up and coming artists in every genre, I’m going to focus on my favorite underrated artists. It’s time these artists received the fame they deserve, and hopefully 2018 is their year.

First, I’d like to give some recognition to two new female indie/pop/techno artists that are just beginning their careers. The first is Cailin Russo, a model and, more recently, a singer. Her most popular song, “September Rose”, takes a techno spin on indie singer/songwriter and her new album Pink Sand, featuring a beautiful cover picture, is extremely impressive. The song “Pink Sand” is moody, upbeat, and highlights her raspy voice. The next up and coming indie/pop/techno artist (I know, very specific) is Clairo. Clairo is a great artist to check out if you’re looking to support new, talented female artists that produce, sing, and play on their own music. Clairo is clearly well versed in music and she quite literally does it all. She has four new singles: “Pretty Girl”, “Flaming Hot Cheeto”, “Get With U”, and “2 Hold U”. My favorite is “Pretty Girl”; it’s a cute, catchy indie beat with great vocals.

Next, I’m going to get into up and coming rap. There are probably thousands of up and coming SoundCloud rappers that I could talk about but I’m going to focus on a relatively well known, but not yet extremely famous, rap group. Many people who are into rap or hip hop know the group Brockhampton, but for some reason they haven’t reached the name recognition of, let’s say, Odd Future. However, I’m willing to bet that that will change in 2018. They’re the self proclaimed “best boy band since One Direction” and have a crazy amount of talent and knowledge. So far, they have four albums and tons of singles. Their newest album, Saturation III, just came out last month and the songs on it already have millions of listeners. My personal favorite song on the album is “Bleach” and some more favorites are “Tokyo” and “Sweet on Saturation II”. The “band” is also well known for their artistic, fun music videos, all directed by one of their members, Kevin Abstract. That leads me into Kevin Abstract himself. A few members of the group have solo music, but Kevin Abstract is the most popular so far. Some of his most popular songs are “Empty” and “Miserable America”, primarily dealing with personal experiences with racism, coming out as gay, homophobic parents, and mental health. His music videos are also very artistic and each tell a specific story. Finally, another talented member of the group is Ameer Van and his most recent single “High Tolerance” is gaining some much deserved popularity.

Last, I’m going to introduce up and coming R&B/hip hop artists. The first is actually pretty well known and has been around a long time but just came out with an amazing new album. Thundercat is a, primarily, funk artist but is very versatile. He started out as a bassist for many artists in the early 2000s and is now releasing his own unique music. His most recent album is called Drunk and the most popular song is “Them Changes”. In this song, Thundercat puts his own modern spin on 70s era funk, creating an extremely catchy and irresistable beat with subdued, calming vocals. The music video for “Them Changes” is also really unique, everyone should definitely check this out. The next two R&B artists are both young and female which is really exciting to see. The first is Jessie Reyez. Reyez does a little bit of rapping, a little bit of singing, and even some screaming on one of her songs. Her most popular song, “Figures”, is a slower ballad with incredibly powerful vocals, showcasing her unique voice. Her newest album is called Cotton Candy and my favorite song on it is “Phone Calls”, which showcases her hip hop/rap side more. The second of these artists is Jamila Woods. Woods is probably most popular for her vocals on “Sunday Candy” with Chance the Rapper and a couple features on Chance’s songs. She has a beautiful, sweet voice that you can’t help but be drawn in by. Her newest album is called HEAVN and my favorite songs on it are “HEAVN” and “Holy”. She takes on R&B with her own innocent sounding, melodic twist. Her most popular song on the album is “LSD” (featuring Chance the Rapper).

Hopefully, these artists will get the recognition they deserve and really be given a platform this year. So, finally, keep an eye out for these names and remember to keep supporting new, small, and local artists!

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