Women In: Introduction

Women In: Introduction

It’s no secret that women have had a hard time in the music industry. With the recent outcry of support for artists who have experienced sexual assault, and the emergence of strong female rap artists, these few-of-many indicators demonstrate a shift towards a strong female presence in music today. Whether it’s in regards to obtaining high positions at music companies, being taken seriously as an artist, over-sexualization, and continuous sexism in media, the challenges women face in addition to the already prevalent difficulties of the music business are enough beginning to emerge to the public.

Limelight Music Production is proud to have so many powerful and strong women as a part of our team, both as artists, and in the company, itself.  To celebrate this and bring to light various issues facing women in this industry, our Limelight Media team is beginning a series called Women In. This series will include a variety of features and articles dedicated not only to powerful female artists in the music industry, but also women who hold positions within the music business and have made an impact in ways that we may not be aware of. The series will cover women in a variety of genres and a variety of professional roles.

We at Limelight are extremely excited to support our female influences and shed a light on the various ways that women have impacted the music industry we know and love today!

Victoria Traxler

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