Limelight Showcase Review

Limelight Showcase Review

If you attended the Limelight Artist Showcase, you are part of the reason why this showcase was one of the most successful Limelight Records events to date! Taphouse was filled with amazing music and even better people – 243 people, to be exact.

Limelight President Taylor Pace kicked the night off, introducing Indie-rock artist Nikki Inocencio. Nikki’s rich alto tones and vibey music warmed the crowd to the space and event. Next, Judah continued the momentum, bringing energizing rap and improvised vocals to the stage. Eric Polite followed him up with some smooth, sultry R&B tunes, which led the crowd into another set of rap by Casper x Komodo. After spitting some audience-engaging truths, they turned over the stage to Eli Wheeler. Eli switched up the atmosphere with some Nashville funk, and passed off the mic to Hannah Strickland. She calmed the room with her soulful singer/songwriter presence before Asa Goldstein, an expressive acoustic artist, wrapped up the evening.

Limelight Records deeply appreciates all those who came through to share the evening with us; your time, energy, and passion are invaluable to us and we hope you enjoyed the event as much as we did. Additionally, the night simply could not have been possible without the following people:

Limelight Records Advisor: Professor Clay Stevenson

President: Taylor Pace

VP of Management: Erika Swinney

VP of Public Relations/Promotions: Meaghan McCann

VP of Production; Soundboard technician: Andrès Garreaud

VP of Media: Natalie Sulzinger

VP of Marketing: Chase Obrecht

DJ: Ciara Graves

Lighting designer: Ben Warters

We would like to extend a sincere “thank-you” to all those listed above, our artists, our audience members, and Taphouse for letting us host this event here.

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Jess Burchett

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