Album Review: Younger Now

Album Review: Younger Now

To start, this might have been the most subpar, mediocre, disappointing, and simply bland album I’ve ever listened to the whole way through. I’m really not sure how many more synonyms for “meh” I can come up with. On September 29th, Miley Cyrus released her sixth album titled “Younger Now.” Miley’s done everything from mildly country to angsty pop to thrusting naked on a wrecking ball. However, the “new” 2017 Miley renounces her former self; the same self known for twerking on Robin Thicke and writing songs on her last album such as “Fucking Fucked Up” and “I’m So Drunk.” Miley says she’s done with that person and claims she feels “so much younger now” (hence the album name). She got back together with her old boyfriend Liam Hemsworth, quit smoking weed, and is attempting to get back in touch with her country roots. Despite her and others claiming she’s becoming a country artist again (even though I never thought she was?), I really don’t hear any country influence on this album except for one song called Rainbowland where Miley collaborates with Dolly Parton (WHY). To emphasize how barely country this album really is I made a chart of the “countryness” of all of Miley’s albums.

Screen Shot 2017-10-19 at 10.30.27 AM.png

This chart uses a scale of 10: Note that her Hannah Montana days only land about a 5 out of 10 and that two albums reach below 0 due to being the literal opposite of country

While she was greatly criticized during her “We Can’t Stop” phase for trying too hard and pretending to be someone she’s not, at least her music was interesting, entertaining, and (key word) controversial. Her newest album is anything but controversial. The best sentence I could come up with to summarize the album is this: It’s one of those albums you never realize existed until you’re scrolling through Miley’s Spotify page two years from now. In addition, I’ve included some brief notes on each song so you don’t have to put yourself through the pain of listening to the whole album like I did.

Younger Now

This first one is a pop song with acoustic guitar and extremely weak writing. The lyrics are basically a jumble of cliches strung together by weak thread. To name a few lines, “No one stays the same,” and “Change is a thing you can count on.”


Most people have heard this song by now since it was released so much earlier than the album. It’s definitely an improvement from the first song, as the writing reaches a little bit of a deeper level. It’s style is somewhat of an acoustic ballad that turns into an electronic pop song with heavy bass? It’s somewhere in the middle of a good, heavy dance beat and a slow, sad melody. Despite all of this, it’s actually one of the better songs on the album.

Rainbowland (ft. Dolly Parton)

First of all, I in no way support the combination of voices/styles between Miley and Dolly Parton. This is the only song that resembles any country/folk/bluegrass vibes. It’s a cute, idealistic song about rainbows, unicorns, and happiness. She basically is imagining an idealistic world with no evil. Exemplifies another way in which this album misses the mark. She could’ve made an album based on truth that really made a statement. Instead, the album is as inoffensive as possible.

Week Without You

Extremely different from the previous song. One of my least favorite songs on the album as it’s about all the things she would do (ex: go out with her friends)  if she wasn’t involved with this guy. The concept of the song triggers my inner feminist, YOU CAN STILL DO THOSE THINGS MILEY.

Miss You So Much

Sounds like almost every other song on the album. In fact, if you just let the album run you’d probably have no idea which song you were listening to at any given moment. It starts with some nice acoustic guitar and blends into an indie pop melody. Includes a few shitty metaphors, similar to the first song. I have to admit, it’s better than a lot of the other songs but still not good.

I Would Die For You

As I was listening to the album, this song stuck out to me because of her strong vocals and the heavy bass line. She does a lot of really pretty little runs that remind you why you actually love Miley and her voice. The song itself is really chill and I could picture myself falling asleep to it (but that may be because I’ve been listening to what sounds like the same song for almost half an hour).


This song is where the album gets a whole lot more moody. It’s definitely the most “pop” song on the album and I remember thinking to myself that I’d rather die than hear this chorus one more time (of course the chorus played again immediately after I thought that). Probably one of my least favorites.

Bad Mood

This one, just, don’t even bother with it. She’s trying really hard to be moody and angsty in this song and it kind of made me nauseous for some reason. This was another one of my least favorite songs.

Love Someone

This is another angry song except the style’s a little different which is a nice break. I’m starting to think people are interpreting sassiness for country because besides that one spng there is no country here. I was really close to falling asleep during this one.

She’s Not Him

This another slower, sadder song. If I thought I was going to fall asleep on that last song I might actually be comatose after this song. That’s all for this one, all of these are just so subpar there’s nothing worth mentioning.


Okay, finally, last song actually pleasantly surprised me. This is one of my favorites on the album although, again, still not great. It’s a softer song about (obviously) inspiration and her beginnings. Definitely one of the least depressing songs. It actually has a slight country vibe. By slight I mean very slight but I can understand how people can hear that.

Overall, this album gets a 4/10. Really disappointed Miley, give us something with some substance next time.

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