Meet the Artist: The Tripps

Meet the Artist: The Tripps

Returning for their senior year to the Limelight roster are the rowdy 2000’s throwback rockers, the Tripps. For four years the Tripps have been playing covers for massive events and bars ranging from Fall Out Boy and Green Day, to the Beatles and of course their staple cover, “Mr. Brightside” by the Killers. While mostly focusing on covers, the Tripps have also been writing and incorporating their originals into their live sets.

Freshman year, guitarist Matt Snow approached vocalist/guitarist Brett Cashmer in their business fellows class on the first day to strike up a conversation about Brett’s Green Day shirt. “Brett thought at first I didn’t know anything about music because I was wearing a bunch of Vineyard Vines”, but ended up connecting over their love of Green Day and Cage the Elephant. Before long, they were jamming on riffs in Matt’s dorm room. Within the first three weeks they had written a couple songs, one being their first single “Carolina”, and had recorded rough demos through a Blue Yeti microphone. Bassist James Setzer entered the picture shortly after as he lived right next to Matt and would frequently host late night jam sessions together outside their HPB dorm rooms.

That year they auditioned for Limelight as “Cashmere and Snow” and were signed that year. By mid-October, they found drummer, Michael Hagen, who joined the band. Shortly after they finally decided on the name “The Tripps” after much debate over names, namely one name “The Clumps”. James declined to comment on this proposed name.

One of their first shows was in Sheridan during Festivus. All Matt had to say about that show was, “Mud. Mud everywhere”. Since then, they’ve been playing numerous events and shows around Elon. One of their biggest gigs was opening for Matt and Kim during last year’s homecoming concert. Brett recalled this concert: “Opening up for Matt and Kim was insane.  With a huge stage and a crowd of over 500 people singing along with the songs we were playing is the coolest crowd interaction I’ve ever had”. 

Their live shows are characterized by Brett’s bright red pants, Eric’s energy level, Matt’s general shenanigans, and James’s bird shirts. Anyone who’s ever seen the band perform has a memorable experience. Last time I personally saw the band play at Fat Frogg’s, I recall Matt dancing with people in the crowd with his shirt off while ripping out a gnarly guitar solo to “Freebird”.

Over the years they’ve been writing more and more and have even recorded a couple singles. Their latest single, “Fustercluck”, was showcased on last year’s Limelight compilation album. “A lot of different stuff inspires me when it comes to writing.” says Brett, “Musically I’m a little weird my riffs and hooks normally come when I’m just !@#$ing around. Lyrically, I like to draw from my personal life and comment on stuff that I see taking place around me”.

With drummer Michael Hagen’s graduation and departure from the band, Eric Reeder has taken the helm behind the set for the remainder of the Tripps’ time here at Elon. Eric has already had the chance to play multiple gigs and write new songs with the band. “This being my first few months with band full-time, I’ve only had the ability to write a few songs with them, but so far “She Doesn’t Love Me on Weekends” is my favorite song. It fits my play style so well–lots of punk drum lines and tons of crash-riding”.

Looking forward into the rest of the school year, The Tripps are looking to record a full-length album, play more gigs on and off campus, and close out their last year at Elon with a bang.

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