Meet the Artist: Judah Brown

By transforming a talent for spoken word into impactful music, up and coming artist Judah has developed an ability to create meaningful content through his music. Growing up in Middletown, NJ, Judah’s experience with music began with the piano at the age of seven and continued into his adolescence. While keys may have been a vessel into the music realm, the root of his talent comes from his singing ability and talent for spoken word. After giving his senior speech a creative spin in the form of spoken word, Judah received immense positive feedback for his ability. He used this spark to transition into music based on rap and hip hop. After coming to Elon University, Judah spent that majority of his Freshman year performing at open mics in the Oak House, Irazu, McKinnon Hall, and any other locations available. His sophomore year he was signed at as a Limelight artist, primarily performing covers. However, over the last summer Judah began to make his own and gained a better sense of the creative process. From this, he began writing and performing his own music.

Judah’s style emphasizes the more personal side of hip hop. Originally pulling content from his journals, Judah wants his music to be based off of his life experiences. He sees a gap in the hip-hop genre between material revolving around struggles in life, with problems such as poverty, and a jump to songs revolving around money and materialistic views. His ideology is while there is space for all types of music, artists should find meaning in their work. Judah stressed that he never wants to be in a place where he is inauthentic with music. For him, it has always been an anchor, and therapeutic. Judah aims to fill his part in music in an introspective and creative way.


“Nail me to the cross and tell me Jesus is my Savior/ Burn me for my faults, I use my demons as a halo/ Or rather supine on the blue line/ Jotting pew lines for a providential stable/ Foxy news lies for a consequential fable/ Spirits killing ghosts, broken bottles on a table/ Hit on a coast, fault lies on my collar/ Blind eyes on the dollar, making seraphs of the youth/ My momma told me that I seen an angel too/ But these angels carry sickles like the bloods carry cripples/ Or the pacifist is fickle when the last of us done whistled/ Like the feds flashing pistols, if I snap they taking pictures/ On the camera phone, I seen it on the camera phone/ A body cam on the heart only showed me it was made of stone/ Walls, Stonehenge, legacy of war and monochrome/ Got me fearing the spotlight ‘cause I fear being alone/”

Growing up around the church, Judah was significantly influenced by gospel music. However, his most impactful musi

cal memory was the first time he listened to Sing About Me I’m Dying of Thirst by Kendrick Lamar. His gospel background coupled with influences of artists such as Lauryn Hill, the Fugees, Isaiah Rashad, and Chance the Rapper, his music emulates a familiar style able to reach people on a personal level.

He will be one of the many talented artists performing at Limelight’s artist debut concert on October 20th.  Today, Judah’s second year at Limelight will be a positive outlet for his music, and he will continue to do open mics at any opportunities available. Viewers can also find Judah on SoundCloud at jb848.

Victoria Traxler

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