Meet the Artist: Casper x KOMODO

This week one of our journalists sat down with newly signed Limelight artists Connor and Will or as they are better known as; Casper x KOMODO. While this hip hop duo is new to Limelight, they are more than developed in their craft.IMG_0185.PNGBoth Connor and Will are from North Carolina only about an hour apart, but did not meet until Elon and the Music Production and Recording Arts Program brought them together. Through their years at Elon they shared a few classes together but never really connected musically until they both participated in the Elon in LA program this past summer. During that three month period they were roommates and both interned at ES Audio. Together they bring an incredible and developed artistry to their new and unique sound.

Elon in LA is a summer study USA program many MPRA majors participate in. While they were there Connor and Will learned a lot. Most importantly, to believe in themselves and their abilities. They were shown it takes a lot of drive to make it in LA and braced themselves for the struggle of reality. But through it all their passion for music remained and so did their determination to try new things. They both agree that this experience sparked their creativity and brought them closer together.


Both got their start in music at a young age. Will’s father was a pastor and as a result music was everywhere. And even though hip hop was not allowed, he managed to find his passion for it by sneaking an MP3 full of music to and from school. High school was the time where his experimentation with hip hop began and it continued to take off through his college years. Hip Hop has always spoken to Will because of its honesty through poetry. One of Will’s goals is to “capture the soul behind a record” believing each aspect of every song is unique.

Like Will, Connor was exposed to music and young age. He says he can remember freestyling with his friends for the first time at the young age of eight. Connor was drawn to Hip Hop for its honesty and lack of censorship, he feels you can freely express yourself and spread truth. The amount of variety is also very desirable, he describes how all genres can fit and collaborate with hip hop to create something amazing.

Casper and Komodo are a new and interesting take on hip hop creating a unique pair. All songs are written and produced together to make the whole process more of a collaboration and allowing for an interesting blend of lyricism and commercially accepted sound. They also both state their excitement to share their projects with the world. Connor describes one of his favorite moments as a show he played at Cat’s Cradle. He was performing and at one point noticed that everyone was singing his lyrics back to him. It was a turning point for him to see this wasn’t just a hobby and he had succeeded in affecting people. Connor states, “until people reflect your legitimacy you doubt yourself”. Will sees these songs and their content as a “timestamp on [his] life”. A way to say what’s happening and how he feels about it. He will be able to look back 10 years from now and remember how he felt, what was said and what the world was like.

As we neared the end of their interview, they pointed out that music creates us, we are instruments just like a piano or guitar with an important sound to play and with a right to be heard.

Be sure to come to Tap House on October 20th 10pm-2am to hear Casper and Komodo perform!

Natalie Sulzinger

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