Meet the Artist: Asa Goldstein

There is a wave coming. It’s a funk wave, it’s a groove wave, a chill wave, and a love wave, and its comin at you.” Meet Asa Goldstein, a junior at Elon from Minneapolis beginning his second year as a Limelight artist. However, this year he’s doing a bit of rebranding. Asa really wants to create a unique, memorable image for himself, unlike anything past Limelight artists have done before.

It all began for Asa back in what he describes as “cold and boring” Minnesota. Despite the temperature, Minneapolis introduced him to many different cultures and to a great music scene. It almost seems like Asa was destined to be a musician, as both his parents were also musically talented. His dad plays guitar and sings. His mom plays piano. Those genes are probably why he was able to get into music at such an early age. He quickly began picking up piano at age five, and then guitar in fourth grade. He says he’s been writing music since seventh grade, not for any specific reason, just because he wanted to try it. Today, his attitude toward his music is the same as it was back when he began. “I don’t know why I’m doing any of this, or putting myself out there emotionally andphilosophically in such a blatant way. It’s just sort of happening and I’m okay with it.” “I just feel a desire.”

Now, Asa gets his inspiration from other music, all kinds of art, people that flow in and out of his life, and philosophy. His biggest music inspirations and influences are other unique artists such as Hiatus Kaiyote, Chon, Punch Brothers, Lil Dicky, Alan Watts, Terence Mdsc_0009.jpgckenna, Little Tybee, Magic City Hippies, Tom Misch, and Stellar Young. His favorite song currently is Electric U by Kid Bloom. Getting back to his own music, his favorite song he’s ever written is While I’m With You, though it’s not his favorite to perform. This blunt, emotional ballad is about “feeling like a different version of yourself when you’re with someone you’re falling in love with and wanting them to accept you.”

Ultimately, Asa would like everyone to know that he wants his music to be “an expression of something that connects all of us.” Asa’s here for the music, the people, and the good times. This year, he wants to experiment with different styles, effects, and images. He wants to approach his music from a humble, selfless place so he can be as unique as possible. In my opinion, Asa is Limelight’s most unique artist. He’s definitely someone to keep an eye on this year. Finally, Asa wanted to officially say, “It’s a vibe.”

Be sure to check out Asa and all our other Limelight artists at the concert on October 20th at Tap House 10pm-2pm!

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