Meet the Artist: Hannah Strickland

Not surprisingly, being Hannah Strickland is a full-time job. While I regret that we were unable to meet in person, interviewing Hannah via-text was definitely a highlight of my week.


Hannah is a first-year who grew up in Syracuse, New York. She spent the last nine years living in Melbourne, Florida, which is where the majority of her music career has taken place thus far. As a first-year, Hannah has many goals for herself as an artist, and a student. She is looking forward to getting more involved at Elon and hopes to gain more experience with live-performing her own music. She describes her music as “indie-folk or sing-songwriter, nothing you would party to but you might hear it at a coffee house.”

Despite having a long history with music, Hannah didn’t begin her song-writing career until high school. She’s been playing the classical violin for 11 years and she was previously a member of a band in Melbourne called Oceans. Their band played gigs primarily at a favorite local coffee shop, which is how she gained some performing experience. She speaks highly of all her band members, describing them as talented and some of the coolest dudes you’ll ever meet. While they mainly stuck to the indie-folk genre, playing covers of bands like Mumford & Sons or The Head and The Heart, Hannah recalls how “everyone would freak out” when they would play Hotel California, as she had learned the guitar solo on her violin.

Once she discovered that the indie-folk area of music was right for her, she began exploring writing her own music. Hannah claims she was terrible at first, as she had “a $30 ukulele and only breakups to write about,” yet (thankfully!) she persevered as a result of the enjoyment that came to her from writing.

In terms of inspiration, Hannah says her favorite bands give her the most aid. What is on Hannah Strickland’s playlist? She highly recommends Blind Pilot, Keaton Henson, Victor Simpson, Gregory Alan Isakov, Mumford & Sons, and Radical Face, but reminds me that there are definitely more out there. She listens to music 24/7 and all of that exposure helps her to subconsciously be creative and think up new ideas. Being a Christian, Hannah also draws some inspiration from her faith, but her music itself is generally secular despite the occasional biblical or mythological allusion.

Hannah hopes that by listening to her music, people can gain an appreciation for music other than what it is seen as popular. She believes that “experiencing life outside the mainstream can be super eye-opening,” and hopes we can gain that realization too.

Hannah Strickland’s music can be found on iTunes, Spotify and multiple other music streaming websites, but to hear her live, join us at the Limelight Artist Showcase concert at Tap House on October 20, from 10pm to 2am!

Emma Kelley

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  1. Congrats Hannah-you rock!

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