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Eric Polite is a sophomore with a passion for R&B and a major in Music Production. His career in music began when he was a kid growing up in Woodbridge, VA. He moved from participating in talent shows with only vocals, to adding guitar skills when he was in the eighth grade. Polite’s mom signed him up for the Interlochen Arts camp in Michigan to develop his skills as a singer-songwriter. His positive experience at camp led him to enroll in the Interlochen Arts Academy boarding school his junior year. During his time there, Polite was introduced to music production and began to learn how to produce his own content. His most memorable experience with music was at an Interlochen Morp (prom) dance where he shared an unusual touching moment of romantic confidence with his date and close friend to the song Time After Time by Cyndi Lauper. After a brief impactful year at Interlochen, he moved to Texas with his dad to focus on his mental health but was active in choir and songwriting. Polite commented that a lot of his mental health struggles provided content for his upcoming album.

Some of Polite’s artistic influences include The Weeknd, D.R.A.M, A Tribe Called Quest, and Miguel. However, when creating his music, he tries to pull from various genres like reggae and go-go. He places value on the production of albums and draws inspiration from 90’s R&B due to the pairing of regular lyrics with beautiful melodies. His favorite song today is Hold Me Down by Daniel Caesar; the main melody, vocalist, and guitar create, for him, a beautiful song and the type of music he aspires to create. He primarily uses his experiences, most prevalent are his romantic emotions, to create his music. Described as “love songs with pretty melodies”, he pulls from within to create impactful and nostalgic music content. He wants his music to be personal and break away from over-sexualization that some R&B content can have. Polite uses his music to convey the idea of winning someone over with love.

In the future, he hopes to be a full-time artist as he has fully committed himself to the music industry and all its preciosity. In addition to wanting to be an artist, Polite aspires to be in the world of producing, sound mixing, and other ways to be hands on with music as much as possible. As a vocalist, guitarist, self-producer, and soon-to-be keyboardist he has worked to develop an array of abilities to help him create and develop his authentic music style. He writes and produces his own music, drawing from his own personal experiences to convey an honest emotive product influenced by various genres of music and decades of R&B.

Eric Polite will be performing at the Limelight Artist Showcase concert on October 20th at Tap House from 10pm to 2am, along with other talented musicians. Additionally, he plans to debut his album, tentatively titled I Was Lonely, this upcoming spring.
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